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Myriam Borg, Founder of the unclaimed money recovery industry in Australia and New Zealand. Myriam has been the trainer & coach to 95% of all UCM recovery agencies operating in Australia & New Zealand today. She is the creator of "The Recovery Consulting Program" and is the foremost authority on unclaimed money recovery in Australia & New Zealand



Take the time to read these valuable articles about being your own boss and valuable insights into the lost fund recovery industry.

Real Jobs From The Best VIRTUAL Business

An amazing virtual business in an 80 billion Dollar industry that lets you learn as you work from home as a consultant.

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Take a slice of this $80 Billion Dollar Global Opportunity!! and become a global business spanning the US, Canada, NZ, the UK, Australia

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Here Is The Idea You've Been Waiting to Find. Be your Own Boss, Training Provided. Forget expensive license fees that cost over $20,000+ to set up, you can be up and running this week!

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Only 1 in 30 businesses promoting work from home actually make money... don't waste time looking at 29 before you come back. Order Your Recovery Consulting

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At Cre8 doing business with integrity is paramount, Cre8 Australia has been established for over 14 Years, we are incorporated with ASIC and were registered as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with the Department of Education. You can be assured that you are dealing with a company you can trust.

See Our Australian Security And Investment Commission Company Registration

See Our Australian Business Register Information

Our Information Provided As Listed On The Government’s Own Training Website


“This is undisputable proof that lost fund recovery actually works. Here’s my recent cheque for $482,839.25”


“My husband was sceptical until he saw my first cheque for $18,120. That day was an absolute delight - and now he works with me”


“I was quite sceptical at first… but my hopes have now become a reality!”


“I recommend the training as a genuine opportunity for someone looking for a business where you can be your own boss”


“The world is your oyster. Myriam has done her research and after all my due diligence I cannot fault the programme whatsoever”


“Myriam is for real and her staff were easy to contact and professional. It was an easy to decision to make and I’m glad I did”


“I would also like to give you a BIG THANK YOU, I have over the last year tried so many things to earn a living from home, and wasted soooooooooo much money and time purchasing and learning systems that in the end just rely on google as to whether i can make money or not… Your system is different and is entirely up to me how hard I work and how much money I earn, so once again thank you for this genuine opportunity”
Pam I, Tin Can Bay QLD

Thanks again. I think the Recovery Consulting Programme is phenomenal! What a product! Can’t rave about it enough, actually
A. Chong, Woodville NSW

Tracie R, Lilydale TAS

The Recovery Consulting program turned out better than my expectations, I have regular income now and I’ve just completed a $28,000 job, so that pretty nice!
Sandra D, QLD

Things are going well with my business, it was on part time bases. Though I have recently gotten some larger cheques! Thanks again for providing this opportunity. It’s so nice to work from home”
JODY M, Caloundra, QLD

“I am sure you are my guardian angel!!! ….. I got to page 18 in your program booklet taking everything you have said and getting really scared & really excited at the same time….I knew this was meant for me and I burst into tears (of Joy) “
Tracey T, Ermington, NSW

Firstly, I was very happy that I had a positive start to my long climb is an understatstrongent. thanks to you, I have found what I need for my twilight years to become independent of a “boss”Secondly, I think this will be a wonderful trip. Today, I just want to say thank you. You are an antidepressant.
Bruce C, Mosman, NSW

“I have fondly nicknamed the package as the complete idiots guide because you have laid everything out in an easy to understand format., thank you!”
Natalie B, Churchill, VIC

Myriam, I wanted you to be the first to know that I have just received my very first business cheque… fee of was $2200 dollars!
Elly F, Mudgeeraba, QLD

“This business is everything that it was promised to be…the price is great and the information straight to the point”
Mandy B, Corinda, QLD



Can you really work from anywhere you want? Are there any legitimate virtual businesses in Australia? Well luckily the answer is "Yes" and looking at one right now! Our online work from home jobs have been going for over 10 years and have witnessed some of the highest success rates for any work from home jobs system. Voted best work from home jobs Brisbane by our partners already using the system, our business in a box is ideal for anyone considering work from home jobs. We offer work from home jobs in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne in fact if you have internet access you can join our work from home jobs package anywhere in Australia.

This $800 Billion dollar industry will reward you handsomely for the time you devote to your new Business. The time you put in to your new job can be as little as 2 hours per day! but work from home jobs are just the same as any other, although we offer online work from home jobs the more you put in, the more you will get out. The best thing about our proven work from home business in a box is the pot to take out of is huge and so will your rewards be. Take advantage of our free information pack and learn why we offer the best virtual businesses!


Here, we answer those questions, plain and simple, some great key aspects to this
opportunity by which, you are going to start your pathway to financial freedom.

  • Q: I hate selling do I need to sell anything, or recruit friends & family or have to network because frankly I hate sales.

    A: if you hate selling then you will love this business, because we are a service provider, there is simply No Direct Selling Involved – You don’t have to knock on doors or spend endless hours on the phone. All the information is there at your fingertips, to operate this business. There is No Network Marketing – This programme is not a residual income, it’s a business you need to work and run – Isn’t it time you got financial reward for the work YOU put in?

  • Q: I worry about business costs is there advertising or marketing expenses involved with this business?

    A: The recovery of lost monies is very unique – the customer is already known & already there­ you potential customers are all captive audience so to speak. So there is No Advertising Expenses - You don’t need to run adverts, splash your name all over the internet etc to generate business, this is a very simple yet very lucrative business.

  • Q: Business usually means alot of money, and this worries me;

    A: Aside from the program purchase your costs are miniscule, there is very small Start Up Costs here - Unlike many businesses, this business only requires a business set up, computer, phone and some stamps so you are in profit fast!

  • Q: How do I know this is right for me and the program is good?

    A: Myriam Borg is the founder of the lost money recovery industry in Australia & New Zealand, she wrote the book and industry bible the Recovery Consulting Program. Simply put No Other Programme Like It - This is a limited opportunity for 20 people at one time due to the one on one support provided by Myriam.

  • Q: I am ITphobic , is there complex software or IT techie stuff involved here?

    A: Myriam is computer challenged herself:J! So absolutely not there is No Software Component - You don’t have to be a computer genius to work the programme, we use ‘everyday’ standard programmes like word. The KISS (keep it simple stupid!) principle is our favourite!

  • Q: I have never been in business before and frankly I am scared.... don’t get me wrong I want my own business, but what if I need support??

    A: The program comes with 12 months Support complimentary - We leave no one ‘wondering’ ­ You have access to an invaluable 12 months of support, we want to help you succeed.

  • Q: I worry about competition and the future of the business, is it sound?

    A: With over $120 Billion dollars in lost funds and more being lost and added to the bucket every day the future of this industry is bright and looking brighter! The Astonishing Fact is this - 95% of people leave an uncovered amount of money somewhere and don’t know it’s ever there.

  • Q: Hi I am interested in working from home but not prepared to pay money or buy on instalment on my credit card;

    A: If you want to start a business you can do one of 4 things - start it from scratch (and you do need to be brilliant to have a fighting chance at this! To say it mildly) you can buy a licence to run a business which has a successful model & business mentoring (this is the cheapest way at any business success and what we offer for the recovery consulting program, which comes with 12 months support from the CEO­ myself), or you can pay about 100,000­300,000 and buy a franchise – this gives you a strong structure & support but also places restrictions upon you, you have a decent chance of success there, or you can buy a business as a going concern which normally costs between $350,000 to 2 million for anything that is actually making a good income­ you have a good chance at success as its already operating. Labelling an opportunity a scam because it costs money is rather foolish, there is no such thing as a free lunch and in the business world if someone offers you a free lunch you run a mile simply because they are stringing you along for something nasty. Instead of being scared you should do your due diligence, trust your own judgement and go for it if it checks out!

    We have placed this amazing opportunity at a very affordable price range, under $5000 – most people spend this kind of money on a TV unit & a sofa in a single afternoon ithout batting an eyelid­ they see the TV or sofa as“essential” but a business licence which can be a golden goose for cashflow is perceived as risky, this is how silly people are and then they wonder why they struggle in life. I would rather take risk after risk in business in order to create a strong comfortable business for myself than pacify myself into thinking I am so clever for not spending money on business. Here’s a fact any self made multi millionaire like myself knows; money spend in the business world is never wasted. Ever.

  • Q: I would like to know a little more about the program and what to expect before committing financially

    A: The program is basically the blue prints or road map if you like to the unclaimed money industry - it is THE new agents’ bible in Australia. There are no additional or hidden costs to this business program, we are refreshingly upfront, and you get everything you need within the program material so you don’t have any reliance on anyone else in order to grow your business, we provide you with a 12 months email support which is an added complimentary extra to the program where you get support directly with me.

  • Q: Do I have to register as a business to get an ABN. I have tried to get an ABN before and was unsuccessful. It was a few years ago. And do I open any account now or wait until I join?

    A: Definitely wait until you come onboard the program before you do any business set ups - as all that is required is outlined & explained in the program. Additionally, you receive 12 months business support with me directly, and this will help guide.